Rental Guide – GPS device for your trip to Israel

You’ve already decided on your destination – Israel, made all travel arrangements and now you should think on how to make the best out of your trip.

If you decided that you will travel around by car, in order to save time and money, you should consider renting also a GPS device with updated navigation software.

The best and most affordable way to do that would be to rent your GPS device in Israel and not to take it from your home country. There are several reasons for doing that:
- Rental rates in Israel are lower at least 20%-30% from Europe or the U.S.
- The variety of screen sizes is bigger. In most countries you will get a 3.5” screen. In Israel you will have the option to choose between 2.5” screen and even up to 7” screen.
- You will have the opportunity to choose the user interface and vocal guidance language, between English, Hebrew, French and many more.
- Few rental companies will even deliver your rented device to the airport or your hotel.

GPS rental will save you time on wondering around without knowing where to go, you won’t go lost, it will even, like most navigation systems, will enable you to plan routs with points of interest in advanced, allow you to choose between fast roads driving, side roads etc.

Your rental kit will usually include, except the device itself loaded with the recent navigation software, a car cradle, car charger and sometimes home charger.
In some cases, your rental will also include support for any malfunction with your device and if needed, it will be replaced. Make sure that the company you turn to, gives you this service in order to prevent any problems that might occur while you are using the GPS system.

Navigating in a foreign country is sometimes a hassle, especially if you do not speak the local language. GPS rental will enable you to count only on the system’s navigating and your navigating skills.
Just be careful, because in this way, you will have no one to blame for going lost 

In order to make your life easier, we suggest that you will plan your routs in advance. Keep in mind that you are not typing the addresses in the local language, therefore, mark in advance points of interest, plan routs according to main roads (where the possibility in false translation is lower) and try to type the address in the closest way as you hear it.
These kinds of problems might be solved very soon with all the new technology and the developing of vocal recognitions.

Another tip we can give, is not to rely on all the online GPS software you know such as WAZE, because of the fact that although they are "online", it is usually less updated than the dedicated navigation software and let us not forget that all updates on WAZE are made by all of us, so they might be inaccurate.

For your knowledge, people in Israel are very welcoming and helpful, so if you are lost or stuck, don't hesitate to ask for help. Most Israelis know English and will be happy to guide you onwards.

All in all, GPS rental will make your trip to Israel a lot easier, less time consuming in the roads which will leave you more time to really enjoy your trip.

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