The full guide for Internet access in Israel

These days, we all need internet access during our vacation abroad. If you've visited Israel in the past I bet you've all freaked out after discovering the outrageous rates that hotels in Israel charge for a 24 hour Internet access, some hotels charge approx $20 per 24 hours!

Most coffee shops and restaurants in Tel Aviv are offering a free WiFi connection with your order but it gets pretty expenssive having a coffee each time you need a internet access just to check your email or skype with friends and family, we believe that the best  and most affordable way is renting your own USB Modem or a MiFi device.

USB Modem a.k.a NetStick is a small USB device that connects to the USB port of any laptop and provides a wireless and fast speed (up to 2.8 Mbps download) access to the internet, it has a 99% coverage in Israel, which means you can stay connected almost everywhere! The data plan in UNLIMITED, you will only pay for the rantal of the device. this device is great for solo travellers that travel with their laptops.

Another option is renting a MiFi. MiFi is actually a personal HotSpot which allows you to connect up to 3 WiFi enabled devices at the same time and surf the internet, The MiFi is approximately the size of a small cell phone and can be plugged into a wall, or, once charged, will offer approximately a 4 hour use between charges. You can connect your iPad, Laptop, Smartphone, Android or any WiFi enabled device. with your rental you will get an UNLIMITED data plan so you can surf how much as you like! so simple.

In case you're traveling with your Smartphone or tablet (must support 3G network), consider renting a Data Sim for Israel. Just make sure that your phone / tablet is sim free and you're ready to go, it's great for those who prefer surfing the interent with their Smartphone or tablet.

Rent Center is the biggest and most well known company in Israel for Internet access solutions, we offer cheap and affordable rates, deliveries, english speaking service and a free smile :)

We will be happy to assist you prior and during your next vacation in Israel.

Rent Center Team

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